Phonics: (新音標) The dominant phonetics used in USA of only English’s 26 alphabet letters and one indistinguished schwa sound (ә) .Specialized in differentiating the vowel’s differences easily.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Explanation of Phonics

* I P A: (國際音標) International Phonetic Alphabets consists of 24 vowel and 61 consonant sounds.
* I checked a set of 1913 Webster’s Dictionary consisting of 13 big books, it had no Schwa sound ∂ in there at all.

 Phonics has been used as the main phonetics in English speaking world since the 17th century, because of its simplicity and ability to differentiate the vowel sounds. But by the lack of an undistinguished sound it had been criticized as too simple and unscientific (inaccurate), and was replaced by the I PA in some Asian countries  (China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea ,etc).But in America Phonics has never lost the battle, in the contrary by adding an undistinguished Schwa sound ә quietly around the mid-twentieth century, Phonics turn out to be the most dominant phonetics system in this country by possessing all the good qualities of simplicity ,accuracy, easy to acquire, and to promote spelling, etc.


  1. 您好!張老師,我是大陸的網友,看了您上傳的新音標視頻很激動,終於找到合適的方法了,但有一點疑問,什麽詞典才支持新音標呢?因為大陸賣的詞典全是標國際音標和KK音標的,您推薦的新音標一本沒看到,麻煩您推薦一本 謝謝!

  2. 很抱歉現在還沒有一本具有新音標的英漢辭典,故需要二本辭典同步使用,
    國的英語辭典(美國的Dictionary 幾乎全是使用Phonics的,如Webster